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The greatest space sweeper is back, renewed, improved, and expanded!

Our hero, formerly known as Willy Jetman, is now Jett Rider!

This exciting arcade shooter is now available on Steam, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

About Us

Last Chicken Games, an indie video game development studio founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 2018.

We are five friends passionate about programming, music, and 90s pop culture. Together, we developed and released in 2020 our first commercial game Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s Revenge.

However, due to distribution issues, we decided to re-release it in 2023 under the name Jett Rider.

Currently, we are working hard on creating new titles. Stay tuned as we continue to bring our creative ideas to life and share them with the world!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jett Rider and Willy Jetman the same game?

Essentially yes, but Jett Rider brings numerous improvements and new content.


What improvements does the new Jett Rider bring?

New side quest, three new power-ups, improved visual and sound effects, bug fixes, and difficulty adjustments.
Well… and some more surprise.

What happened to Willy Jetman? Alright?

Willy is fine. He surely is sipping a daiquiri on one of Gravos’ many volcanic beaches.

Has the publisher also changed?

Correct. Jett Rider is distributed by Jandusoft.

What will happen to my copy of Willy Jetman?

Nothing will happen. Willy Jetman will no longer be in stores but will remain in your library if you have already acquired it.

I bought the game, but I can't start it or it doesn't work correctly.

Send us a message using the contact form, please.